Trend Analysis

Trend Analysis

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Looking for lower-risk trades?
Trend Analysis provides logical support and resistance price targets.

Want to  Identify stocks that are most likely to turn you a profit!
Trend Analysis keeps you out of sideways moving stocks. 

Finding yourself on the wrong side of the market? Run with the Trend and stay on the right side.
Trend Analysis provides early alerts to price reversals.

Over 90 minutes of chart examples and explanations of the same techniques Stephen Bigalow personally uses to perform his own Trend Analysis.

A reliable tool used by  Professional Technical Analysts, yet easily utilized by many individual investors just like you!

As an individual investor you need to put as many probabilities in your favor as possible. Trend Analysis is easily learned by new investors and provides a quick visual tool for analyzing price direction. This 90-minute video provides enough examples and explanation to have you quickly spotting the price trends!

  Determine Market Influences

  Confirm strong uptrends

  How long the current trend should last 

  Be prepared for trend reversals

  Trend lines; channels and targets

  Economic factors influencing price trends

  Same analysis applies to all time frames

  Visually see pullbacks and reversals

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