Profitable Entry Exit Strategies

Profitable Entry Exit Strategies

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Are you being left behind?

Þ    Do you close your trades, at a loss, just before they take off like a rocket?

Þ    Are you missing important signals?

Þ    Can you see the difference between a reversal and normal profit-taking?

Þ    Do you set Entry & Exit Points which allow for minor corrections?

Þ   Do you understand the importance of DOW and NASDAQ futures?
In my video tutorial 'Setting Entry & Exit Points' I take you through the 4 important scenarios that affect your trade decisions on the open.
The secret to trading is timing, direction is only half the battle.

My video tutorial will;
take you through pre-market analysis. 
teach you to Identify the best entry prices
Help you to spot intraday points for taking profits.
Identify  fizzled trades.
Profit from Gaps on the open 
Identify the best entry points for profiting from Kicker Signals
Allow you to Trade with Confidence 
From profitable entries to early warning signs to take your profits. The candlestick signals tell you 'when to hold em and when to fold em'.

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"Profitable Candlestick Entry & Exit Strategies"

Profitable Entry & Exit Strategies


  • Profitable gap buys - page 10
  • Using pre-open indicators to improve profits - page 14
  • How to protect new positions - page 17
  • Importance of 'strong open' - page 1
  • Significance of increased volume - page 12
  • Time to get out - page 22

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