Major Candlestick Signals - Quick Download

Major Candlestick Signals - Quick Download

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Look at the following chart – Is the price ready to go up?

Retrace? Reverse? What is the next price target?

Now - Look at this Chart with Candlesticks

This is a very simple program to follow. It takes each major signal, describes the formation, and then proceeds to show how it is used effectively in projecting a market reversal. This one-hour presentation also explains some of the investor sentiment present when forming the signal. Out of the 50 or 60 signals available in Candlestick analysis, the major signals are the only ones that really need extensive study. Recognizing and understanding the major signals produces insights into the market reversals. These insights provide the Candlestick investor with a tremendous advantage for understanding when to start buying and when to start selling a trend. They are considered major signals because they happened most often and have a high degree of accuracy for projecting a trend reversal. There is nothing complicated about the signals. The major signals are the ones you want to recognize immediately. The remaining Candlestick signals are ones that you just want to be familiar with in case they do occur. The major signals will produce more potential trades than most investors will have the capacity to use. This provides the opportunity to cultivate those signals for the best possible trades.