Hammer, Shooting Star, and Harami Patterns

Hammer, Shooting Star, and Harami Patterns

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This is the second in the series of the 12-volume set of e-books detailing TC2000 / TCNet PCF's (Personal Criteria Formulas). This e-book will show you how to set up your program to generate chart patterns for three more very powerful Japanese Candlestick investing formations - The Hammer, Shooting Star and Bullish and Bearish Harami Patterns. Using these PCF's, you will be able to discover easily recognizable trend reversals of stocks, commodities, indexes, and any other tradable entity well before the rest of the crowd. With today's technology, only available to the public within the last ten years, you can easily outperform the so-called "professionals". Continue your education with Volume II in this e-book series today! Now FREE for Members and $14.95 for Non-Members.

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