Eliminating Emotions

Eliminating Emotions

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**Warning!** You do not want to read this book!

This book is filled with harsh realities, with over 100 pages of tough truth and honest revelations about what it takes to trade today and still be in the game tomorrow.

Read it only if you want to know why YOU are not making money!

Confused why your buddy is making money hand-over-fist using the exact strategy that is loosing you money?

There is a vast difference between finding the perfect trading program and having the discipline to execute it!

Investment returns are far more dependent on investor behavior than on performance. Yet, the majority of people are still looking for the Holy Grail of trading programs instead of focusing on the reason most investors fail in the first place.  Discipline – or lack of discipline!

This ebook will reveal more than you want to know about yourself.
Most people do not want to address their flaws and weaknesses. Unfortunately, “investing” is a powerful force for pulling out flaws and weaknesses. The earlier you understand how to incorporate your emotions into successful investing, the better.

Stop looking for miracle headlines like
‘Wealth Building Secrets Revealed;
Investment Guru shares how to turn $500 into $5Million’
What these Gurus do not reveal is that none of these systems will make you money if you cannot control your emotions.

The most valuable and profitable skill that can’t be taught!  This ebook will help you to understand why Winners keep winning and Losers keep losing. If you find yourself doubting your decisions after a couple of losing trades, then maybe this ebook is for you.

Curious about what topics are covered? Here is a peak at what to expect;

Eliminating Emotions

Chapter 1 - Intro - Eliminating mental trading flaws

Chapter 2 - Emotions – Fear and Greed

Chapter 3 - The Dynamics of Money

Chapter 4 - Defining our Fears

Chapter 5 - Fear of Taking Profits

Chapter 6 - Fear of Re-entering Trades

Chapter 7 - Stop Losses – Dual Function

Chapter 8 - Preservation of Capital

Chapter 9 - The Correct Aanalysis -- Incorrect Trading

Chapter 10 - Maintain a Journal

Chapter 11 - Enjoy your Trading

Chapter 12 - Trading Comfort

Chapter 13 - Trading is a Business

Chapter 14 – Eliminating Emotions Conclusion