Dynamic Doji - Quick Download

Dynamic Doji - Quick Download

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The Doji – One of the most informative and revealing candlestick signals. This 56 minute video is an educational lesson on the messages illuminated by the Doji. Steve Bigalow walks you through the evaluations of what the Doji represents at the top, bottom, and within a trend. Understand why the Doji illustrates the indecision right before a reversal or major move. Take advantage of being able to visually recognize when a trend is reversing.

This lesson is instrumental in being able to prepare for buying and selling opportunities right at the turns. Although repetitive ( and maybe even boring at times) visualizing the set up and results of a Doji signal will add new insights to your investment strategies. See for yourself, the repetitious viewing of what to look for and what the results should be, a high percentage of the time, allows the Candlestick investor to establish positions with the confidence. Use the hundreds of years of actual observations that produces high probabilities of a profitable trade.

Understanding the Doji signal keeps you ahead of the game. Being familiar with the trading characteristics of a Doji will alter your perceptions of when to buy and when to sell. Separate the investment rhetoric from true investor sentiment. Being familiar with the high probability Doji signal set ups will take the guesswork out of investing. Expand your knowledge! Gain some of the professional investor’s insights, exploiting the investor sentiment of the common investor, which is usually wrong. This basic lesson of the proper use of the Doji will increase your investing potential immediately.

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