Commodity Training Package

Commodity Training Package

  • $734.43

Realistic strategies and techniques for getting the most out of trading the different commodity markets 

Reap the rewards of larger profits trading the commodity and futures market. Perfect for individual investors with smaller trading accounts.

Video 1 - Commodity Trading Basics

  • Overview of commodity markets
  • The markets
  • Energy
  • Meats
  • Industrial Metals
  • Grains
  • Open Outcry & Electronic Trades
  • Major US Exchanges
  • Trading hours
  • Trading on margin
  • Difference between Stocks and Commodity Orders
  • Review sample order screen 
  • Understanding the Risk versus Leverage
  • Limit Moves – each contract has a set ‘limit/amount’ per day
  • Market Orders 
  • Common Trade Executions for Buy and Sell Stop Orders
  • What is Pyramiding?
  • Rules – Journals - Plans

Video 2 - Psychology behind Commodity Trading

  • Understanding who uses the markets
  • Difference between speculators and hedgers
  • Self analysis
  • Call Activity = Don’t get called-away by surprise
  • Money management for your comfort zone – know exactly what $ you have exposed
  • Minimum dollar required per contract type
  • Trading details and money at risk; know your margins
  • Different types of commodities
  • Know your cutoff times; not all commodities close the same time of day
  • Understanding the dollar amounts required
  • The devil’s in the details – common causes investors lose money
  • Dangers of over-trading

Video 3 - Successful Commodity Trading Techniques

  • Do Candlestick Signals work well in Commodities?
  • Understanding your data; signals, patterns
  • Chart analysis 
  • Analysis techniques
  • Support/resistance
  • Movings averages unique to commodities
  • Stochastics
  • Trends & Ranges

Videos 4 & 5 - Profitable Commodity Indicators

  • Overview of the commodity markets
  • Timing the trades
  • Pennant Formations; Breakouts & Flags
  • Support & Resistance
  • T-lines
  • Trend Lines
  • Trend Channels
  • Waves
  • Advanced MA Strategies
  • MA Failures
  • Fib Numbers
  • Profit Prices
  • When & How to take losses
  • The Dynamics behind Breakouts
  • Identifying Breaks
  • 3-Chart Open Evaluation
  • Night time pattern set-ups

2-Part set - Second video contains extensive review with examples of advanced trading patterns!

Video 6 - Commodity Daytrading Techniques

  • Technical indicator settings specific to day and swing trading the commodity markets
  • Which Moving Average has the most influence
  • Open Bounce with T-line failure
  • Belt Hold on 5 minute chart
  • Comparison Commodities
  • Multi time-frame trading
  • Intra day charts foretell daily chart outcome
  • Associated Trade Comparisons
  • Trend Analysis Practice
  • Importance of the 'open' on day-trading
  • Strategy at the Target Price
  • Prepare to Act Fast! 

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