Big Profits Using Candlestick Signals and Gaps

Big Profits Using Candlestick Signals and Gaps

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Gaps (or windows) are  important technical signals and frequently misinterpreted. Some traders make a living trading off the Gap signals alone!

Identify the visual alert Gap signals provide and their importance at specific trading junctures.

Candlestick investing signals produce great trades, gaps produce powerful moves. This is a case where 2 plus 2 equals much more than 4. Having the Candlestick trading signals pinpointing the direction and the gaps indicating a powerful force leads to highly profitable price moves. This e-book illustrates and explains easy to identify power moves. Learning to recognize profitable trades will prepare you to take advantage of them when they appear. Don’t let this information escape your arsenal of Japanese Candlesticks investment knowledge. Be aware of outstanding opportunities. This novel combination of high profit potential is underutilized. You have the competitive advantage. A rewarding Candlestick investing technique awaits your participation. Invest with unprecedented confidence. Common sense and probabilities result in extraordinary profits, profits you will be able to achieve for the remainder of your investment career. Now FREE for Members as one of many sign-up bonus products.

Table of Contents
Powerful Implications of Gaps
Gaps at the Bottom
Measuring Gaps
Gaps at the Top
Selling Gaps
Gapping Plays
Dumpling Tops and Fry Pan Bottoms
San-Ku – Three Gaps Up
The J-Hook Pattern
Island Reversals
Bad News Gaps
Kicker Signals

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