2-Day Training Seminar CD Set

2-Day Training Seminar CD Set

  • $796.00

Complete training from the comfort of your home!

Learn at your own pace as Stephen Bigalow takes you through the power of trading with Candlesticks! 

Your package includes the exact materials used during our 2-Day Training Seminars -  edited into 5 CD's
Plus, accompanying manual

Stephen Bigalow and the Candlestick Forum Team want you to succeed. To assist you with your continued education this Seminar Training Package comes with a 30- Day complimentary membership (VAlued at $97)to the Candlestick Forum paid membership services.

You decide when your membership begins. Once you begin your membership you get an additional $335 in FREE training materials in immediate download available in our Members Only Area of the Website.

PLUS  one additional Members Only FREE training video during your complimentary membership month.

Any time after purchase, contact us to set your start date. Review your training videos and manual at your own pace. Once you are ready, give us a call and receive the reinforcement from Stephen Bigalow and fellow Candlestick Technicians in our Members Only Live Trading Room.


Stephen Bigalow takes you step by step to completely teach you to quickly recognize the 12 Major Candlestick Signals. Once you learn the quick and easy chart recognition that comes with mastering these signals you will never go back to line charts again.Effectively used for Day Trading, Swing Trading, Scalping, Long Term portfolio positions, Options trading, and Commodities. These ‘cross-over’ technical indicators perform the same in all markets and all time frames. Candlesticks provide flexibility in trading styles.

The professional investor makes sure to have as many probabilities in his favor when selecting exactly where to put limited capital. Combine candlesticks with other technical analysis, such as  Bollinger Bands, stochastics, moving averages.

Learn the proper interpretation of the  candlestick signals that will put you into high-profit, low-risk trades. Trade only when the probabilities are in your favor.
What to look for during the first and last thirty minutes of the trading day.

Trading Gaps – Gaps represent enthusiasm to get into a position to the point that investors will pay prices away from any of the previous day’s trading range. Great for identifying panic selling at the bottom and exuberant buying at the top.

Breakout Patterns – Knowing when to get on board and when to take profits
Cradle & Belt Hold Patterns – Easy-to-identify and foretells of a dramatic change about to take place
Fry Pan Bottom - the pent-up power created in this signal can produce very compelling profits
J-Hook Pattern – How to differentiate between profit taking and a full-scale reversal.

Candlestick Analysis Technicians have the distinct advantage of trading without emotion. The signals visually display fear and greed in the market and the Candlestick Chartist profits from others' mistakes.