Profitable Candlestick Trading

Profitable Candlestick Trading

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The updated edition to one of the most popular books on technical analysis

Japanese candlestick charting and analysis is one of the most profitable yet underutilized ways to trade the market. Signals created by this unique method of technical analysis-represented in the form of graphic "candlestick" formations-identify the immediate direction and effects of investor sentiment through price movements, allowing traders to profit by spotting trend reversals before other investors. This updated version of Profitable Candlestick Trading: Pinpointing Market Opportunities to Maximize Profits makes learning the method fast and easy by introducing specific patterns, as well as the psychology behind them. The book

  • Details the most valuable aspect of technical analysis-reversal patterns-as well as reversal signals, including the Doji, the Hammer, the Hanging Man, Engulfing Patterns, and Dark Cloud Cover
  • Explains continuation patterns and explores how they can help with the decision-making process during various trading periods
  • Reveals how to find trading situations that have the maximum potential for profitability, the highest probability of success, and the least amount of risk

Learn how to quickly search, view, and profit with candlestick formations with Profitable Candlestick Trading.

This book written by Stephen W. Bigalow will dramatically improve your investment perceptions. Hundreds of years of proven, tested and profitably successful Japanese Candlestick signals incorporate powerful ramifications. You will learn how to identify the profitable signals fast and easily. More importantly, you will learn the psychology of the investment community that formed those signals. You will be amazed at how your investment perceptions improve when you know why a reversal has occurred.

Your profits will soar. Candlestick analysis eliminates emotional reactions. Human emotion weaknesses that lose investors money are converted into profitable advantages for the Candlestick investor. No more wondering and hoping that your positions will make a profit. Candlestick analysis puts you in total control of your investment results. It identifies panic selling and exuberant buying, allowing you to extract huge profits from the markets.

Learn to invest like the seasoned investor. Whether a beginning investor or a professional trader, Candlesticks will improve your returns immensely.

Order your book now! You will dramatically improve your investment future forever.


Ch.   1



Ch.   2

The Reversal Patterns


Ch.   3

Continuation Patterns


Ch.   4

Major Signals Explained


Ch.   5

Finding and Learning the Signals Made Easy


Ch.   6

Common Patterns


Ch.   7

Revolutionizing Investor Psychology


Ch.   8

Analyzing Profitable Trades


Ch.   9

Maximizing Profits


Ch. 10

Trading Programs


Ch. 11

Using Candlesticks to Improve Elliot Wave Analysis


Ch. 12

Option Trading Refined


Ch. 13